More on Gov. Blunt

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Update: The St. Louis Post has more on Blunt’s and other’s campaign contributions. A lot of it has to do with the restrictions put in place this year on the amount that can be donated (which I think is stupid). In the article, regarding the contribution to Blunt’s campaign from the pro-ESC research group: Blunt spokesman John Hancock said the … Read More

“Missouri Manipulation”

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Cathy Ruse writes at National Review about the disastrous ballot language approved by the Secretary of State yesterday for an attempt to ban cloning in Missouri: The only way to keep human cloning legal in Missouri is through lies. And Secretary Carnahan has just dropped a whopper. Isn’t that the truth? Even Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Dispatch, a … Read More

Response from Missouri Right to Life

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Attributed to president Pam Fichter from MRL’s press release today: “Missouri Right to Life is outraged at the Secretary of State’s blatantly inaccurate and biased summary of the Cures Without Cloning ballot initiative. The ballot summary is profoundly different than the proposed amendment. Secretary Carnahan is greatly abusing the powers of her office and ignoring the legal requirement to use … Read More

Disgraceful Ballot Language Approved

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I just got word today that the Secretary of State has approved the ballot title and language for the Cures Without Cloning initiative and it is an absolute disgrace: Constitutional Amendment to Add Article III, Section 38(e), Relating to Limiting Stem Cell Research, 2008-014 [full text] Submitted by: Lori Buffa, M.D. Contact Information: Lori Buffa, M.D. Cures Without Cloning P.O. … Read More

Finally, I’m on the News!

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I did an interview with KOMU TV a number of weeks ago regarding the cloning debate in MO. It wasn’t my best interview, but I made it through. Here is part of the story: COLUMBIA – The secretary of state’s office issued a ballot language on Wednesday evening. The ballot initiative was proposed by the Missouri Coalition for Cures Without … Read More

Quadriplegic Files Complaint Against Cures Without Cloning

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This story in the KC Star begins by describing Eric Westacott as a lawyer who has filed an ethics complaint against Missouri Cures Without Cloning for failing to file a finance report required by MO law. But, later in the article we come to find out that: Westacott said he filed the complaint because, as a quadriplegic since breaking his … Read More

Excellent Responses to a Misguided Letter to the Editor

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A man I am fairly acquainted with from Columbia Missouri, who is paralyzed from the shoulders down, wrote a very misguided letter to the editor in the Kansas City Star last week saying: Opponents of stem-cell research are now masquerading as being “pro-cures.” The truth is that not only do they seek to repeal the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of Missouri … Read More

Doing What’s Right for Our Patients

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I am very blessed to have Dr. Acuff as my spinal cord doctor. Last year he was outspoken in his field against Amendment 2. Now he is a member of Cures Without Cloning and speaking out in support of the CWC initiative to ban human cloning. For Dr. Acuff it’s all about the patients, about giving them hope in something … Read More

Exploiting Women and Families for Cloning/ESCR

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A little late getting this one in, but this is despicable. In the UK women will be offered discounted IVF treatments if they will donate extra eggs for cloning research. I’m not sure what’s worse, that, or the morally bankrupt StemLifeLine which encourages parents to destroy their own offspring by allowing the company to “develop” and “transform” their unwanted IVF … Read More

Have a Safe and Relaxing Labor Day!

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I hope all of you have been enjoying this Labor Day weekend. It has been a nice weekend here. Football season started(!) and my sisters have been home from school. It’s going to be a pretty laid back day in the Zimmerman house. The girls are leaving this afternoon so we’re just going to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs … Read More