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nullI did an interview with KOMU TV a number of weeks ago regarding the cloning debate in MO. It wasn’t my best interview, but I made it through. Here is part of the story:

COLUMBIA – The secretary of state’s office issued a ballot language on Wednesday evening. The ballot initiative was proposed by the Missouri Coalition for Cures Without Cloning.

The group launched a campaign last month to prohibit human cloning in Missouri.

How much do we value life? That is the question members of the Missouri Coalition for Cures Without Cloning are asking.

“No matter what potential good may come of it, you know, you can’t create and destroy human life for research,” said Chelsea Zimmerman from Cures Without Cloning. “It’s just wrong.”

A car accident nearly eight years ago left Zimmerman in a wheelchair, but this did not change her view of embryonic stem cell research.

“Obviously, I would love to walk again, I would love to see other people out of their suffering,” Zimmerman said. “We aren’t trying to limit research, and we are in favor of cures, and there are cures and treatments happening with adult stem cells and adult stem cell research.”

View the full article, with video at KOMU’s website

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