Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

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That book title, written by outspoken Liberal commentator Al Franken about conservatives, quite accurately describes Missouri’s pro-cloning biotech crowd who worked so feverishly to pass Amendment 2 last year which enshrined a right to human cloning research in the Missouri Constitution. One of the most gaping loopholes written into the amendment was a guarantee of unrestricted state funds for anyone … Read More

Standing Up For the Most Vulnerable

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I love this editorial by a student from the University of Minnesota. He writes in the University newspaper against the practice of embryonic stem cell research at the University’s Stem Cell Institute and against a measure in his state’s legislature to protect the cloning and destruction of human embryos while pretending to ban cloning. Morally, embryo-destructive research turns justice on … Read More

HJR 11 Defeated in Rules

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This evening the Rules Committee voted on HJR 11, the resolution to give Missouri voters a chance to really ban human cloning. The vote was 4-3 against, effectively ending any chance of getting the resolution through the legislature. One of the representatives who voted no represents a district that voted against amendment 2 by over 60% – not much of … Read More

Modern Bioethic’s Identity Crisis

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It’s taking me a while to get back on the blogging bandwagon after taking a few days off. Please bear with me. Last week Fr. Tad Pacholczyk wrote an article for the Evening Bulletin called Recapturing the Soul of Bioethics, here’s some of it: Modern bioethics seems to be going through a kind of identity crisis. With ethicists available for … Read More

The Unscientific Political Cloning Debate

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As I have been pointing out with regards to the Feinstein-Hatch “Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Protection Act”, the cloning debate, in the world of politics, has ceased to be a rational scientific discussion and has become completely ridiculous. This week David Freddoso has an article on the false claims of cloning proponents asking, if embryonic research is so promising, … Read More

A Small Victory and Big Thank You to Rep. Cooper

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I saw the President of Missouri Right to Life at Mass this morning and she informed me that HJR 11, the resolution to put a cloning ban on the Missouri ballot in ’08, passed out of committee, where it has been stuck for a number of weeks. Honestly I did not think there was much hope for that to happen … Read More

Feinstein-Hatch Fiasco

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Two weeks ago I told you about the bogus “cloning ban” that Senators Dianne Feinstein and Orin Hatch introduced, the craftily worded Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Protection Act. Today Wesley Smith weighs in on the Daily Standard. This bill eerily reminds me of Amendment 2, mostly in the way that it falsely defines human cloning as the implantation of … Read More

Governor Blunt Does Something Right

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Missouri Governor Matt Blunt decided to do something to make pro-lifers smile this week. When he called for increased funds to go to the Show Me Healthy Women Program which funds cervical and breast cancer screenings, he found out that previous administrations allowed some of that money to go to Planned Parenthood and he immediately put a stop to it: … Read More

Bogus Cloning Ban Reintroduced Last Week

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Yesterday(woops! I started writing this last Fiday)Last week, Senators Orin Hatch of Utah and Diane Feinstein of California reintroduced their Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Protection Act. This ‘ban on human cloning’, just like with Amendment 2, refers only to the implantation and birth of a cloned child. Perhaps the most ludicrous language, however, came from Sen. Orin Hatch’s website. … Read More

Another Successful Rally

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The No Cloning Rally was yesterday at the Capitol and it was a great success. Sen. Matt Bartle said that it was the biggest advocacy day turnout he’s seen for any issue in the eight years he’s been in the legislature. Missouri Right to Life estimated turnout at about 1,000. That’s incredible considering this was an all day event that … Read More