Governor Blunt Does Something Right

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blunt1.jpgMissouri Governor Matt Blunt decided to do something to make pro-lifers smile this week. When he called for increased funds to go to the Show Me Healthy Women Program which funds cervical and breast cancer screenings, he found out that previous administrations allowed some of that money to go to Planned Parenthood and he immediately put a stop to it:

“Patients should not have to go to an abortion clinic to access life saving tests,” Blunt said. “Today I put an end to taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood in Springfield and Joplin through the Show Me Healthy Women Program. This ensures women may access important preventative care without contributing to abortion providers’ goal of facilitating the destruction of innocent life.”

I am not a big Blunt fan these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that he is “pro-life” on many issues and has helped some good pro-life legislation get through. But, if it wasn’t for him, we would have had a cloning ban in place in the state of Missouri two years ago and might not have had to deal with the whole Amendment 2 disaster (which he was in favor of). You see, Blunt is “pro-life” on certain issues, but draws the line at human cloning, which he believes doesn’t create human life (I didn’t know this when I voted for him). I had a meeting with him in 2005 when Senator Matt Bartle introduced a bill to ban human cloning in MO and Gov. Blunt came out against it (causing the majority of Republican Senators who co-signed the bill to withdraw their support). In the meeting the Governor explained that he didn’t think that somatic cell nuclear transfer created human life because it was not the union of sperm and egg – the way God intended human life to be created. He also told me that he doesn’t believe that they will ever find a cure with cloning research, but because it doesn’t create “human life,” and therefore isn’t “unethical”, it shouldn’t be banned. There really was nothing more to say after that. His rationale is completely unreasonable. He doesn’t believe that SCNT creates a human embryo, but thinks that the implantation of this non-human embryo would bring about the birth of a cloned human being and should be banned – or something like that. I tried to talk through with him and understand his position and got completely lost.

Anyway congratulations, and thank you, Matt Blunt, for sticking to your other pro-life beliefs and at least reminding us that, while you’re not perfect, you’re at least better than the alternative – which was Claire McCaskill. You can bet she would never take money away from Planned Parenthood.

Source: – although I did hear about it earlier this week.

BTW: Before he was endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, Blunt did fill out and sign a survey that said he would support a ban on human cloning in the state of Missouri (I saw the form). Needless to say, I won’t be voting for him again.

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