Why I Can’t Support Gov. Blunt

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Blunt won’t support SCNT ban Gov. Matt Blunt said today that he won’t support a new initiative push to ban human cloning – a measure that would also outlaw somatic cell nuclear transfer. “I think my position on this issue is well known,” Blunt said. “My position on what sort of scientific research should occur in this state is well-known. … Read More

Let The Games Begin

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I am now trained to gather signatures for the initiative petition to ban human cloning in Missouri. If any of you are fellow Missourians (or know some) and are interested in helping out by gathering signatures in your own church or area email me, or contact Missouri Right to Life or Cures Without Cloning for information. There are a number … Read More

Back Home in MO

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I made it home safely after a most excellent visit to SW Florida and boy has the Show-Me State been busy in my absence! I was able to report the other day about the announcement of a state constitutional amendment for the 2008 ballot which would prohibit human cloning in the state. With headlines like, Group wants to outlaw form … Read More

Banning Cloning in Missouri!

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I told you it was coming and now it’s finally underway! The petition to prohibit human cloning in the state of Missouri has officially been launched today. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, who serves as chair of the coalition Cures Without Cloning, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State’s office this morning. The coalition seeks to … Read More

More Stem Cell Research Whining in MO

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I find it amazing that, in a state which guarantees researchers a constitutional right to conduct ESC research and create and destroy human embryos for scientific research, supporters of such research can still find something to complain about. The NY Times ran this article last week about how the cloning amendment passed last year has changed very little in the … Read More

Ding Dong the Sheep is Dead – Will the Research Go With Her?

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Australia, much like the U.S., has been in the midst of an intense debate regarding cloning/stem cell research. Recently, legislators in New South Wales voted to overturn their previous ban on therapeutic human cloning. In his article, New science leaves cloning as dead as Dolly for the Australian e-journal On Line Opinion, Dr. David van Gend, a family doctor in … Read More

Pro-Life Efforts Paying Off In Missouri

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During the campaign for Amendment 2 last year Missourians were promised that this constitutional amendment would attract swarms of so-called “top notch” researchers to our state because all forms of “life-saving” stem cell research (meaning cloning/ESC research) would be protected. The eventual passage of Amendment 2, however, did not stop pro-lifers in the state. A number of legislators tried to … Read More

Unwilling to Be Selfless

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In a recent interview, singer Kelly Clarkson perfectly articulated the reason for the breakdown of the family in our society and therefore the breakdown of our society in general: “My point of view is that I shouldn’t be a mother at all, because I’d be horrible,” she confessed to Elle magazine. “I’m not willing to be that selfless.” We have … Read More

Adult Stem Cells Revert to Embryonic Stem Cells!

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From the Washington Post (H/T: LifeEthics.org): Research reported this week by three different groups shows that normal skin cells can be reprogrammed to an embryonic state in mice. The race is now on to apply the surprisingly straightforward procedure to human cells. If researchers succeed, it will make it relatively easy to produce cells that seem indistinguishable from embryonic stem … Read More

Speaking of Ballot Initiatives

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The fund raising process for working on getting a cloning ban on the ballot here in Missouri has begun! Unlike our opposition we don’t have one wealthy couple ready to give us $30 million for our campaign (but if you know of any such couple – please send them our way!). If you or someone you know would like to … Read More