“It May Not Deliver Therapy for Anything”

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For years we have been told that embryonic stem cells are the greatest and even the only hope we have of curing every disease and disability known to man. This promise, propagated by the biotech industry, has lead states to pour literally billions of taxpayer dollars into the unethical research and caused voters in Missouri to grant scientists a constitutional right to clone and kill embryos. But now some scientists are finally admitting what we’ve been saying all along:

STEM cell research, we have long been told, should pave the way for revolutionary new treatments to help millions of patients around the world.
Yet despite the years of study and debate about the potential, therapies have been slow to materialise…

Lord Patel of Dunkeld, chairman of the UK National Stem Cell Network and chancellor of Dundee University, said the current signs were that research involving stem cells would lead to therapies for patients.

But he said there was also a chance such treatments could prove too risky for human use.

Speaking to The Scotsman, Lord Patel said it could be five to ten years before stem cell treatments were widely available, with trials starting shortly in the UK and US.

“But we have to be cautious,” he said. “It may not deliver therapy for anything. We may find that stem therapy is quite a risky business.

Risky indeed. ESCs have a 20-plus history of producing tumors after implantation in animals and things haven’t improved much. Despite this there are some who would still like to pursue human trials using these “risky” stem cells and the FDA is holding its first public hearing to assess the safety of such therapies. I can tell you one thing, even if I didn’t oppose the way in which these stem cells are derived, I wouldn’t risk cancer just so that I could walk again.

The worst part about the entire ESCR charade is that human embryos are now seen as nothing more than a commodity and people suffering from terrible afflictions have been manipulated by the biotech industry for financial and political gain.

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