Thank You, Veterans!

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Veterans Day

Many thanks to all of our veterans for your service to our country! I say it every year: it is not easy fighting for life in a time of war, so my prayers are especially with all of our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, including military chaplains, and their families. R.I.P. Darin Thomas Settle and all who never made it home alive.

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One Comment on “Thank You, Veterans!”

  1. In my country we have this wonderful thing called conscription.

    Which is actually an euphemism for slavery.

    It means that if you are a boy, you have to serve in the armed forces on the pain of imprisonment. In the wartime you will serve and risk your life and limb on pain of death by firing squad.

    Conscription is actually far more cruel thing than any slavery. No slave-owner could willingly order his slaves to die for him.

    The American soldiers are all volunteers. Which makes their sacrifice even more noble, as they do it willingly and are not coerced to it.

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