New Cloning Movie: Never Let Me Go

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Never Let Me Go starring Keira Knightley is supposed to be released this October:

Near as I can tell, it’s about a group of friends from an English “boarding school” who find out that they are actually clones who were born and raised for providing organ transplants. Kind of similar to The Island, maybe? Though, judging by the trailer, significantly toned down, action-wise. Of course the premise sounds outrageous, but, with scientists already cloning human embryos and a society relatively comfortable with the idea of creating and harvesting some human beings for scientific research, this is exactly where we are headed out here in the real world.

Thanks to Rebecca Taylor for providing this passage from the book that the movie is based on about how society can accept the creation and harvesting of clones:

After the great war, in the early fifties, when the great breakthroughs in science followed one after the other so rapidly, there wasn’t time to take stock, to ask sensible questions. Suddenly there were all these new possibilities laid before us, all these ways to cure so many previously incurable conditions. This is what the world noticed the most, wanted the most. And for a long time, people preferred to believe these organs appeared from nowhere, or at most that they grew in a kind of vacuum.

But by the time people came to consider…whether you should have been brought into existence at all, well by then it was too late. There was no way to reverse the process. How can you ask a world that has come to regard cancer as curable, how can you ask such a world to put away that cure, to go back to the dark days?

There was no going back. However uncomfortable people were about your existence, their overwhelming concern was that their own children, their spouses, their parents, their friends, did not die from cancer, motor neurone disease, heart disease. So for a long time you were kept in the shadows, and people did their best not to think about you. And if they did, they tried to convince themselves you weren’t really like us. That you weren’t really human, so it didn’t matter. [Taylor’s emphasis]

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