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I promise, this is the last of my shameless self-promotions:

Thanks so much for all of the comments and emails. Unfortunately I basically got on the road right after the show and haven’t really had time to respond to anything. But I have received them and read quite a few of them. I really do appreciate them all and thank God for such a wonderful opportunity.

Things are going to be quiet here for a few more days at least. I’m still on the road. In Jacksonville, FL right now at my aunt’s house, but headed up to Georgia soon to visit with some more relatives there for another day or two before finally heading back home. It’s going to be very hard getting back into regular blogging mode after such a long trip, especially since I haven’t been paying much attention to any news, pro-life or otherwise – since I left home last Tuesday!


Cute baby bonus – here are some pictures of my cousin Charlie from Islands of Adventure this past Saturday:


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  1. Chelsea,

    I learned of you and your blog for the first time Wednesday night when you appeard on EWTN. I am glad I had the televion tuned to that chanel that particular night. In an instant I could recognise your beauty, inside and out; you are truly an imitator our Our Lady and therfore breathtaking to behold. Since Wednesday I have enjoyed reading previous blogs. They are like gifts for the soul and I deeply appreciate hem. It’s beautiful how your suffering are making you into the woman you are today. Please keep writing!

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