Abortion Has Progressed to Infanticide

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Jill Stanek, who is one of the most prominent pro-life leaders today, tells the story of “Baby Rowan” on her blog, Pro-Life Pulse. Baby Rowan was scheduled to be aborted on April 2, 2005 by a procedure known as “induced-labor” or “live birth” abortion. Please excuse me, but I have never heard of this before. I have been involved in the pro-life movement for as long as I can remember, thinking I was fully aware of the horrors of abortion – partial birth abortion, etc… – but I am feeling pretty naive right now. From an article by Jill:

The live-birth abortion procedure is much more common than even I know, and I’ve heard a lot by now. In fact, I was shocked last week when a traveling labor-and-delivery nurse told me she had never worked at a hospital that didn’t commit this form of abortion. The pervasiveness of this undiscussed abortion procedure in hospitals and mills around the country must be incredible.

The procedure is performed by inserting medication into the birth canal which irritates the cervix and makes it open early after which the second or third trimester pre-term baby is delivered. Sometimes these children are alive for over an hour or two before they finally die. When this happens the babies are given “comfort care” or simply left on a table to expire. This procedure is done at abortion clinics and hospitals all over the country, many of which label themselves and “Christian” and even “Catholic,” on perfectly healthy infant children.

I am utterly sickened by the thought of this happening within my own country. If this is allowed to continue in America, the terrorists won’t have to kill us. We will destroy ourselves.

Back to Baby Rowan. The clinic performed the live-birth abortion and Rowan was delivered in a toilet. After seeing the child move his arms his mother immediately regretted what she had done and asked the clinic workers to help her save the baby. The workers, however, refused advising the woman to let her child die in the toilet. Using her cell phone she asked a friend of hers to call for emergency help. The 911 call has been posted on YouTube:

Emergency responders failed to make it on time and baby Rowan died in his mother’s arms. Killing a baby or letting it die after being born alive is a crime, however investigation into the death of this poor child has yet to begin. This is the absolute shame of America.

Read Jill Stanek’s Testimony on Life Birth Abortions, which she has witnessed first hand.

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