Unborn Child Pain Awareness

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Legislative alert! The House of Representatives is supposed to vote on the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act today. I’ve got C-Span on right now and they have just begun debate on the bill. This is not about the legality of abortion, but about informed consent on the part of the woman seeking an abortion. Opponents of the bill stress the fact that the “medical and scientific” community is not unified on this issue – as is the case with most pro-life issues. But the fact that there is even a remote possibility that a human child may experience pain while being dismembered or poisoned to death demands that women who are seeking late term abortions be informed of this . One of the most painful realizations for a woman who has had an abortion is the fact that she has caused the pain and suffering of her own child. We have laws protecting livestock from feeling pain at the moment of their death – it only makes sense to do the same for our unborn children.
BTW, the National Abortion Rights Action League does not oppose this legislation.

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