BioTalk, Ep. 7: Is IVF Really Good for the Children?

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Chelsea, why are you always harping on IVF??

Because, after 35 years, IVF is still a vast experiment. An experiment on children, millions of whom pay for it with their lives. Even those who are lucky enough to have survived the process are paying for it in other ways: By having a greater risk of developing birth defects or spending their lives desperate to know where they came from, who they look like, whether they have any biological siblings and sometimes even why they’ve developed some genetic disease because they’ve had half of their identity deliberately withheld from them.

This is the ironic legacy of IVF: that couples are so desperate for a child to love and yet concern what’s good and right for the child himself is actually put last.

Check out the latest episode of BioTalk in which Rebecca Taylor and I talk more about IVF and the rights of children:

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