UK Woman Wants Spinal Cord Cut

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This is truly disturbing. Last month I told you about people with so-called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) who actually want to have their healthy limbs cut off. It appears this disorder is not limited to “amputee wannabes”.
According to the Daily Mail:

A Cambridge University educated research scientist is so desperate to live the life of a wheelchair-bound person she is prepared to pay a doctor help her become disabled. Since childhood, Chloe Jennings-White has made several attempts at injuring herself so she can finally climb into her own wheelchair. In 2010 she even found a doctor overseas willing to help her become disabled by cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves, but she could not afford the £16,000 costs…

The Cambridge graduate believes both of her legs do not belong to her and dreams of being paralysed from the waist down.’Something in my brain tells me my legs are not supposed to work,’ she said. ‘Having any sensation in them just feels wrong.’

Two things:
1. If this does not fit the definition of “psychotic”, I don’t know what does.

2. No truly ethical physician would ever perform such a surgery.

Read more from the Daily Mail…if you can stand it. Then read my previous post, Transhumanism: Amputating Healthy Limbs, for more on why BIID is a major concern.

*IMG: Chloe Jennings-White wears leg braces and uses a wheelchair…even though her legs are fine.

3 Comments on “UK Woman Wants Spinal Cord Cut”

  1. I am just curious as to why you felt it necessary to make things up about me? I am completely open about everything, and so there is no need to do so. You say “her legs are fine”. Really? I am not convinced that 30% muscle function in my left leg due to accidental SCI in 2006 would be considered by most to be “fine”.

    You are welcome to criticise the realities of my life, but surely it is disingenuous to fabricate falsehoods.

  2. Ms. Jennings-White, if, in fact, you did have this accident as you say, you may want to take that up with this DailyMail article that I quoted here. They never mentioned an “accidental SCI in 2006” and, in fact, said under a caption of a picture of you in 2013 (the year that article was published): “Able to stand: Chloe, 58, pictured out hiking in May this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. She wears leg braces and uses a wheelchair, even though her legs are healthy” (emphasis mine).

    This “accidental SCI” also wasn’t mentioned in the video posted on the DailyMail article. In fact, the title of the video is “Woman Lives like a disabled person despite the fact that she is physically healthy” (again, emphasis mine).

    Sorry, it was not my intention to “fabricate” anything. I was just going by the information that was available to me.

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