Francis Leaves Popemobile to Bless Disabled Man

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Before his inaugural Mass this morning, Pope Francis descended the popemobile to bless a disabled man in St. Peter’s Square.

He’s preaching the Gospel of Life without saying a word. I love this man.

He also has to be giving his security team some mild heart attacks. I like what Elizabeth Scalia had to say this morning on Twitter in response to concerns over his safety: “#PopeFrancis seems determined to teach that you go forward in faith, not fear, on God’s timetable. Good lesson.”

An excellent lesson, but still, “Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff Francis. The Lord preserve him and give him life, and make him blessed upon earth, and deliver him not to the will of his enemies.” (Prayer for the Pope, Handbook of Prayers)


Here’s the video:

9 Comments on “Francis Leaves Popemobile to Bless Disabled Man”

  1. This made my day, I woke up disappointed that I missed the live feed of the Mass, but quickly brightened upon watching this scene. What a beautiful heart our new Holy Father has for those who are so often overlooked.

  2. I am so happy to be Catholic at this time. With all the rumors floating around about Peter the Roman being next Pope destroying mother church, we now have a living saint for our leader. God Blessed us with Pope Francis. There ARE problems in the church, but there WERE problems in the church when Jesus was alive also. He knew who Judas was and still he chose him as an apostle. There will always be problems in the church….but these problems are from fallible men…the church, itself, is infallible. We must understand that it is not easy to be Catholic. We must understand that it is what God wants us to be. I am blessed to be alive in the Catholic Church at this time.

  3. Brother Ron, hi. Peter the Roman was/is/will not destroy the Church, he successfully defends her in her final hour. I’m not commenting on the validity of the prophesy, only the content.

  4. We have found out a saviour in the form of Pope Francis .Like Saint Francis he is going to rebuild the church. As the devils started runnning when St Francis entered a village Now as Pope Francis entered the catholic church all the demons have already run Long live our Pope

  5. I read this post on another site:
    Sergio wrote:
    There is a wonderful story about Francis in today’s online edition of La Nacion, Buenos Aires’s oldest and mot prestigious newspaper. It appears that Francis used to get the paper each morning at the same stand, near BA’s cathedral. Shortly before leaving for the conclave, the stand owner asked him jokingly, “so, Jorge are you going to Rome to grab the baton” (meaning the papacy)”? and Francis responded, “what baton,? it’s a hot iron rod!. Don’t stop the paper’s delivery, I’ll be back in 3 weeks” he ordered the man. After being elected, Francis called his friend at the newsstand to bid farewell and asked to stop the paper’s delivery.

    A wonderful little piece of Papa Francis before he was called by God to serve as the new Vicar of Christ.

  6. God bless us all. This is a beautiful example of leadership. It brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Catholics are obligated to -always- live in a state of Grace. Something to remember this Easter with our new Pope. When the Pope was a Cardinal in Argentina, the Pope drove his own car.
    Jesus Christ will return in Glory at the end of time. The Pope will drive the Popemobile & Jesus Christ will ride in the backseat.

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