Aim High!

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There is a great quote from artist Michelangelo that goes, “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” This low aiming is precisely what we’re doing to our young people when we teach them “abstinence, but…” education. By “abstinence, … Read More

The Miracle of Life

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I’m sure this is not new, but I recently came across this beautiful video on the miracle of human life from Catholic Media House:

Love and Responsibility Immersion Course 2009

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As JP II’s groundbreaking teaching on sexuality and the human person is very slowly making its way into the hearts and minds of the Catholic faithful (and even many protestants) very few people realize just how far the late pontiff delved into understanding and explaining the Catholic tradition of family life and sexual morality. So I was pleased to receive … Read More

Whose Hopes are Unproven? REALLY!?!

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Last Saturday the LA Times ran a story with the headline: Cord blood: Banking on unproven hopes. The article highlights some studies in which human patients have have been successfully treated with stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood, particularly mentioning the case of 3-year-old Dallas Hextell who was treated for cerebral palsy with his own cord blood that his … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Theology of the Body and Ephesians Ch. 5

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I finally uploaded another video from Christopher West in Rolla, MO last year. Here he explains the ever-so controversial Ephesians Ch. 5 as it’s meant to be understood – he then relates it to why so many women like Titanic and men like Braveheart: Ephesians 5:21-33 (West uses the translation “submission,” the translation I’ve got here (from the NAB) is … Read More

Meet Patrick Thibodeau

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Every pregnant woman who gets a positive prenatal diagnosis for Down syndrome should see this video (h/t: Jay): Embedded video from CNN Video Despite the headway we’ve made in trying to accommodate the needs of disabled persons in the world so that they too can have a place in the community and enjoy many of the same opportunities as others … Read More

On Retreat!

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Dear readers, I’m off on my much needed annual retreat! There is a lot that I have wanted to comment on so I regret that my blogging has been so light lately, but I am getting a lot of other stuff done! Thanks for your patience. Please keep me in your prayers this weekend, as you will be in mine! … Read More

Change Worth Praying For

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If you’re looking for something to offer up your prayers and fasting for this lent, check out From the website: It’s not about partisan politics, party affiliations, or attention. Our mission is simple: for the church militant, to unite in prayer and sacrifice, offering up sufferings, prayers, and supplications for the conversion of Barak Obama, an end to abortion … Read More

TOB Tuesday: “Understanding My Future Bride”

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In a recent article for the Theology of the Body (TOB) Institute, a seminarian shares what he learned during a week-long TOB Head to Heart Immersion Course: I learned that celibacy is so much more than ‘giving up’ something. Instead, it is actually giving my whole self to God and to His Church. The Spousal analogy of Christ as the … Read More

Update on the Awesome 12 Year Old Pro-Life Speaker

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According to LifeSiteNews, the 12 year old who I mentioned last week actually won her speech contest: Lia’s mother says that the topic was of her own choosing, and that she was determined not to back down, even after teachers told her it was “too mature” and “too controversial.” “She was also told that if she went ahead with that … Read More