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This evening the Rules Committee voted on HJR 11, the resolution to give Missouri voters a chance to really ban human cloning. The vote was 4-3 against, effectively ending any chance of getting the resolution through the legislature. One of the representatives who voted no represents a district that voted against amendment 2 by over […]

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Alright, I am getting really behind here. The second and third installments of Fr. Euteneuer’s mini catechesis on contraception are out. This second topic addresses the misconception that natural family planning is just “Church approved birth control.” The third topic regards the myth of overpopulation. A few words on NFP and contraception. First, it is […]

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I mean the adult ones. You know, the ones that can be obtained without destroying a human life. It seems that stem cells found in bone marrow (that seems to be the most popular source for ASCs) have been very successful in treating race horse injuries. Stem cell therapy may be controversial in human medicine […]

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MEXICO’s capital has legalised abortion, defying the Church but delighting pro-choice advocates in the world’s second-largest Roman Catholic country. Mexico City politicians voted 46 to 19 to pass a leftist-sponsored bill allowing women to abort in the first three months of pregnancy. Yes, Our Lady, who once came to this city to save her Mexican […]

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Yes, today was National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and I didn’t get my shirt in the mail until I got off work this afternoon! I hope some of you were able to participate. I know that a few of our local Catholic schools did – not about any of the kids at the public schools. In […]

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This is why IVF gives me the willies. Erin is a former frozen embryo who was adopted by Tim and Dawn Smith after being conceived in a petri dish and left frozen on a shelf for 11 years because her biological parents didn’t want her. Now her adoptive parents are speaking out against embryonic stem […]

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From PRWeb: Entertainer Don Ho, a household name in the U.S., who died last week after a long battle with heart failure, gained an extra 15 months doing what he loved with the help of Theravitae’s VesCell adult stem cell therapy. His story has inspired many others to seek the benefits of adult stem cell […]

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I just found this video via Human Life International. It is from the CBS Evening News’ “Free Speech” segment. In it, Father of Columbine victim, Brian Rohrbough, responds to the shooting of the Amish school children last year and explains how these school shootings are a direct result of America’s moral freefall and the devaluation […]

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From and op-ed in the Reno Gazette Journal: Harvesting embryonic stem cells destroys (kills) the embryo–so there is an ethical problem: at which stage or stages in life is it acceptable to take a life? Ethicist Levin writes (NY Times) that “[m]any advocates of federal financing for embryo-destructive research…argue that the human embryo is just […]

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Man, I’m really picking on this guy, huh? I might not spend so much time on this if it wasn’t so important. Please check out Jay Anderson’s post at Pro Ecclesia on Giuliani’s partial birth abortion stance (I think if I tried to do my own post on this I’d just end up copying the […]

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