Stem Cells Gave Don Ho 15 Extra Months to Perform

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Don HoFrom PRWeb: Entertainer Don Ho, a household name in the U.S., who died last week after a long battle with heart failure, gained an extra 15 months doing what he loved with the help of Theravitae’s VesCell adult stem cell therapy. His story has inspired many others to seek the benefits of adult stem cell therapy.

The entertainer was forced off the stage because of his failing heart, but his doctor wisely informed him that this was not the end of the road. Adult stem cells are doing wonders for patients with heart disease and Don was no exception. After a trip to Asia for his stem cell treatments he was able to return to the stage for 15 more months of standing ovations. What’s more, Don went public with his experience and so encouraged other patients who, like him, thought they had no options. One patient had this to say:

We are especially grateful for his ‘going public’ with his stem cell procedure, for that is how we learned of TheraVitae, and came to Thailand for Pat’s procedure. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to thank him both personally and publicly, and to have been colleagues with him in the “Hawaii stem cell cohort.

This is an amazing story and proof of the effectiveness of adult stem cells in treating disease which the media and ESC research advocates continually downplay.

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