My Letter

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The op-ed that I sent to the newspapers in Missouri didn’t get picked up, as I expected. So, I went with just a letter to the editor. I am actually very sorry to admit that this is the first letter to the editor I have written about the amendment – or ever for that matter – and the election is … Read More

Politicizing Disease

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Most of you have probably heard about the campaign ad that Michael J. Fox did for politicians recently. He doesn’t say whether or not he stopped taking his medication before doing the commercial, however, in 1999, at a Senate subcommittee in Washington, he made a “deliberate choice to appear before the subcommittee without medication”, according to his book, Lucky Man. … Read More

Deception, Daughters, Dollars

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These are the 3 D’s of Amendment 2. The first one is self explanitory and has been the primary focus of those opposed to the Amendment. The amendment language redefines the term cloning in order to get away with claiming to ban the procedure. This language is conveniently left off of the official ballot language so uneducated voters will think … Read More

Supress the Debate

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That’s the goal of The Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, backers of Amendment 2. After KRCG TV ran an ad by the Life Communications Fund warning voters of the “tricky” and deceptive language of Amendment 2, the Coalition sent a letter to the station threatening legal action if they play it, or any other ad from this, “irresponsible organization and … Read More

Follow the Money

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The fundraising reports for the November elections have been filed and the proponents of Amendment 2 have blown everyone out of the water, breaking every record on campaign spending. Out of the $28.7 million “raised” by the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, $28 million came from one wealthy couple, Jim and Virginia Stowers. The Stowers’ are also the primary benefactors … Read More

Claire McCaskill

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Alright, so I think I am one of the last Catholic bloggers to blog this sticker. My mother thinks it should say, “You can’t be Catholic and pro Claire.” It disturbs me greatly that any Catholic could be endorsed by Pro-Choice America, or even think that abortion should be, “safe, legal and rare.” Claire recently used her Catholic faith to … Read More

Pray for the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court opens today, but will be delayed due to a few of the Justices observing Yom Kippur. One of the items on their agenda this session will be determining whether the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 2003 is constitutional or not. I found this cute little prayer in church a few weeks ago from the Angels for Life: … Read More

Congressional Alert From National Right to Life

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THIS IS AN URGENT CONGRESSIONAL ALERT FROM THE NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE IN WASHINGTON, D.C. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate will conduct a do-or-die vote on one of the most important pro-life bills ever to come before the Congress — the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA) — as early as Friday, September 29. All pro-life groups and citizens … Read More

I Love This Man

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We have been blessed here in Missouri to have Archbishop Raymond Burke as the head of the St. Louis Archdiocese. Many of you will remember that in 2004 he was very outspoken against pro-choice Catholic politicians. Now he is an outpoken critic of Amendment 2. Below is the intro to an article he wrote in the St. Louis Review. It’s … Read More