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We have been blessed here in Missouri to have Archbishop Raymond Burke as the head of the St. Louis Archdiocese. Many of you will remember that in 2004 he was very outspoken against pro-choice Catholic politicians. Now he is an outpoken critic of Amendment 2. Below is the intro to an article he wrote in the St. Louis Review. It’s wonderful – I wish all of our priests and Bishops would be saying this:

“As citizens of Missouri, we find ourselves in the midst of an unimaginably severe moral crisis. On this coming Nov. 7, the citizens of our state will decide whether the constitution of our state should guarantee the right to generate human life artificially in order to destroy it at its very beginning, at the embryonic stage of its development. In short, we, the citizens of Missouri, are being asked to advance the culture of death in our state so that our tiniest brothers and sisters will no longer enjoy the protection of the law but will be made legally the subjects, the slaves, of those who wish to manipulate and destroy their lives for the sake of supposed scientific and technological progress on the way to the cure of certain dread diseases and the treatment of certain severe injuries.”

For full text visit: Amendment 2: A moral crisis for Missouri and our nation

Oh, and that pic is me and Bishop Burke at the “Christians Against Human Cloning” Rally in St. Louis last month

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  1. WAAHOO… I’d like to give a shout out to my former Bishop…
    Way to Rock the LaCrosse Diocese Archbishop Burke!!!
    He confirmed me! Hurray for the winning of souls for Christ that he is doing. May all the holy angels and saints surround Bishop Burke in his ministry and all things.

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