TOB Tuesday: Revisiting the Great Bikini Debate

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I’ve talked about this here a little bit before, but most of the debate is over at Elizabeth Hillgrove’s blog where she has a whole category for all things bikini related. Click here and scroll down for her thoughts (about both female and male modesty in swimwear), lots of combox discussion and some links to others defending the bikini. Given … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Scared of Sex

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Last week, Trista from Not a Minx, a Moron or a Parasite, wrote a brave and brutally honest guest post for the Real Catholic Love and Sex blog about the anxiety she sometimes had when she thought about her potential wedding night. My thoughts were jumbled and erratic: Couldn’t there be another way to produce offspring? I asked God. Are … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The Liturgical Dignity of Work

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May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. St. Joseph was regarded in the Bible as a good and just man and was referred to by his profession (“is this not the carpenter’s son?” Mt. 13:55). The emphasis on Joseph’s work in the Bible and throughout tradition speaks to the importance of our own professional work. I love … Read More

TOB Tues: The Resurrection of Our Bodies

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Over at the TOB Institute, Christopher West reflects on the resurrection of our bodies. A little piece: During this Easter season it is fitting to reflect on the resurrection not just of Jesus’ body, but of our own bodies at the end of time. … We often speak of the “souls” in heaven. When we buried my grandmother, I saw … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The Body Remembers

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God love him. Fr. Richard Neuhaus was such a brilliant, holy man and he had such a poetic way of exploring some of the deepest tenets of our faith. In his book As I Lay Dying: Meditations Upon Returning, he ponders the union of body and soul: Which brings us back to the idea of death as the separation of … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The Myth of Sex

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The preface to Tim Muldoon’s latest column at Patheos reads: This is the myth of all myths: that people could use each other and still remember what compassion and tenderness looked and felt like. What follows is a very creative little narrative of the fall and how men and women lose their sense of compassion the more they try to … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Intimacy with the Cross

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Ah, Lent! That time of year when we spend a little more time than usual reflecting on how much we have distanced ourselves from God by our sin. Personally, I can easily get discouraged and even disgusted with myself when we think about the many ways I have chosen darkness over light. But, the Lenten season is also preparation for … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The Heart of the Gospel

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Christopher West has a new book out! Read an excerpt here, then head on over to Catholic Lane and read a review from Brian Killian: At the Heart of the Gospel, the new book by Christopher West, is the fruit of West’s sabbatical from speaking after controversy broke following a television interview. West’s new book is primarily two things. First, … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Christmas Reflection

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On this TOB Tuesday, check out the TOB Institute’s Theology of the Body Christmas reflection from Fr. John Sullivan: During my teenage years, I played an odd game with my five brothers and two sisters during Christmas time. We would play a version of “Where’s Waldo?” with baby Jesus. After Midnight Mass, we would come home and dutifully place the … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Search for the Face of God

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Time for the week four Theology of the Body Advent reflection from the TOB Institute. This time from Fr. Patrick Nwokoye: Two weeks ago, I was in Bethlehem where our Savior Jesus Christ was born. As I walked through the town amidst thousands of pilgrims, I wondered what it must have felt like two thousand years ago, how our world … Read More