Obama Facts

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Monica posted these facts about Barack Obama on ASA: Fact: Mr. Obama sponsored the misleadingly named Ronald Reagan Biomedical Act of Illinois and the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act in DC – both promoting extravagent funding for embryonic stem cell research. Mr. Obama appears to have a slightly more sophisticated knowledge of the stem cell world than many of our … Read More

Barack’s Disturbing Defense of Infanticide

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Jill Stanek gives Barack Obama’s top 10 reasons for refusing to support an Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act, to save the lives of babies born after “live birth abortions”. Previous post: Obama and Infanticide

Obama and Infanticide

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He’s charming, attractive, articulate, and he supports the murder of newborn children. Terence P. Jeffrey on Barack Obama and his refusal to vote for an Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act (h/t: Jill Stanek): “Number one,” said Obama, explaining his reluctance to protect born infants, “whenever we define a pre-viable fetus as a person that is protected by the Equal … Read More