Congress is at it Again

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Next week the US House of Representitives is scheduled to take up another measure that would overturn the limits President Bush put on funding embryonic stem cell research. Word is they’re still a good number of votes short of a veto override. Let’s just hope that the President remains faithful to his first veto. Action: Call your member of Congress … Read More

The Greatest Destroyer of Peace

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This coming January 1 is World Day of Peace 2007. Vatican officials have released the text of Pope Benedict’s speech in which he maintains that true peace cannot be achieved as long as the killing of unborn children is accepted: “’Respect for people promotes peace,’ the pope said in the statement as he stressed ‘the duty to respect the dignity … Read More

Brownback Videos

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For those of you not familiar with Sen. Brownback, here are a couple of videos I found on You Tube. The first is of him at a pro-life banquet. The second is a piece of his debate on the ESC research bill a few months ago.

Embryonic Stem Cell Hype

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In California they’re getting a “reality check” after the passage of Prop. 71, which owes its victory to proponents who, much like they did in MO, carted out sick babies and people in wheelchairs with doctors claiming that ESC research is their only hope for cures. The subheadline to a recent LA Times article says it all: “The research, stalled … Read More

The Race is on in Florida

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Supporters of embryonic stem cell research are working hard to get enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the Florida ballot in 2008. The amendment would require the state to spend $20 million annuallly on embryonic stem cell research for 10 years. But it looks like the opposition is gathering signitures for an initiative of their own. See here … Read More

Get Ready for the New Congress

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It seems that democrats plan on resurrecting the issue of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research early on in the next session. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a measure similar to the one President Bush vetoed earlier this year will be voted on during the first 100 business hours of the next congressional session that begins in January.” Lucky … Read More