Mother Wants to Freeze Own Eggs for Her Infertile Daughter to Use

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Oh, my. The UK Daily Mail reports that a woman wants to freeze her own eggs so that her daughter Mackenzie, who is two years old and was born with Turner Syndrome and doesn’t have ovaries, can can use them one day to have babies by IVF. The Daily Mail rightly points out: If this happened, the ethical implications would … Read More

Eggsploitation, Surrogacy and the Business of Making Babies

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Celebrities and wealthy columnists paint a smiling, rosy picture normalizing, even championing, egg “donation” and surrogacy, meanwhile the fertility industry has a dirty little secret: Eggsploitation is a documentary from the Center for Bioethics and Culture. Regarding surrogacy, the BioPolitical Times blogger Marcy Darnovsky, commenting on last week’s NYT “Twiblings” cover story by Melanie Thernstrom and relating it to a … Read More

Exploiting Women and Families for Cloning/ESCR

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A little late getting this one in, but this is despicable. In the UK women will be offered discounted IVF treatments if they will donate extra eggs for cloning research. I’m not sure what’s worse, that, or the morally bankrupt StemLifeLine which encourages parents to destroy their own offspring by allowing the company to “develop” and “transform” their unwanted IVF … Read More

Women Will Be Paid to Donate Eggs for Science

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And you thought advertising for egg donations on college campuses by fertility clinics was bad enough. Now women will be coaxed into undergoing this dangerous and potentially deadly procedure in the name of science! Women “will be paid £250 plus travel expenses, the existing maximum compensation for any egg or sperm donor.” But don’t worry, lest you think the women … Read More

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Amendment 2 and the Egg Problem

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Kathryn Jean Lopez has been doing a bang up job exposing the problems with Amendment 2 and cloning for National Review Online, specifically when it comes to harvesting women’s eggs. Here is her latest article: Missouri, Don’t Get Egg in Your Face about a plea to Missouri voters from some black leaders.