TOB Tues: Keep Holy the Marriage Bed

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Sex is not merely some recreational activity designed for human pleasure. St. Paul tells us that when husband and wife come together as one flesh, the language of their bodies is a “great mystery” that is meant to prophesy to the world the union between Christ and the Church. Therefore: Both husband and wife should be fully aware of the … Read More

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Wife

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I love the Art of Manliness website…probably because I love men. Today, Brett has a sweet post giving advice to men on how they can help take care of their pregnant wives: A lot of guys find the pregnancy process a little bewildering. Not knowing what to do, they end up nervously backing away instead of stepping up the support … Read More

TOB Tues: NFP and Red Hot Catholic Love

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Last week I highlighted Catholic theologian, writer and spiritual director Tim Muldoon’s post candidly sharing how he and his wife discovered Red Hot Catholic Love by following what the Church recommended when it came to sex. In a follow up post, Muldoon shares he and his wife’s experience with Natural Family Planning (NFP): Natural family planning was wonderful because it … Read More

TOB Tues. Bonus: Life-Long Married Love is Possible

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In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up next Monday, this is a nice reminder that life-long married love is still possible, despite what our culture tells us: Worldwide Marriage Encounter has announced that Marshall and Winnie Kuykendall of Lordsburg, New Mexico, are the national winners of its “Longest Married Couple” contest. The couple will celebrate their 82nd wedding anniversary on … Read More

TOB Tues: Faithfulness Forever

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The words, “I take you as my wife/as my husband,” bear within themselves precisely that perennial and ever unique and unrepeatable “language of the body,” and they place it at the same time in the context of the communion of persons. “I promise to be faithful to you always, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, and … Read More


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Our Bridegroom is here! Go out and welcome Him!

Our Lover is Coming!

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Jesus Christ has many titles according to his relationship with mankind. He is Prince of Peace and King of Kings, Lord, Savior and even Friend. But did you know that He is also our Lover and Spouse? As a young man marries a virgin, so shall your builder marry you (Is. 62). I’ve said here many times that all earthly … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Porn Kills Love

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The Theology of the Body Institute has a great testimony from a couple whose marriage was wounded by pornography addiction and how it has been transformed through the teachings of TOB: We are a couple whose marriage barely survived my addiction to pornography. Through God’s grace, we found Dr. Douglas Weiss’s counseling center for pornography addiction in 2004, which brought … Read More

Music for Your Monday: How to Handle a Woman

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I’ve never seen Camelot, but many thanks to Msgr. Charles Pope for highlighting this delightful little number from the movie in his post advising men How to Handle a Woman – which you should go read after watching this clip: p.s. are you on Facebook? Do you “like” my blog???

TOB Tuesday: To Kiss or Not to Kiss?

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A few years ago I wrote about the intimacy of a kiss, inspired by two very devoted Christian actors who not only decided to forgo “sex scenes” in in their movie roles, but also vowed to do no more on-screen lip-locks (unless that person they’re kissing is their wife). Some may wonder why just kissing someone is such a big … Read More