Moving Update and Some Quick Takes

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Moving update: today is the big day! I’m leaving shortly with my sister to drive down to Florida…for good this time! Movers came early yesterday to load up everything…and our stuff won’t get to the new place until next Monday – at the earliest! It’s going to be an interesting week, to say the least. Pray that we all make it through with our sanity in tact. Super excited about finally being a Floridian once again, but still a bit nervous about the transition…

Two Quick Takes:

Divided Motherhood in the Age of Discovery – Dr. Gerard Nadal has a brilliant article on how twentieth century technological developments came faster than humanity could process their implications and discern their right use — or whether they should be used at all. We have experienced this especially in the field of reproductive technology.

Why You Don’t Have to Use NFP – I really like Colleen’s article here. I am a huge proponent of natural family planning, myself, but I definitely do not think that it is necessary for everyone. There are many different reasons to use NFP, but by and large it is presented as merely an alternative to artificial contraception – keeping the focus on avoiding children and limiting family size. Colleen identifies the flaw in this approach perfectly:

“Instead of offering NFP as the main alternative to contraception, let’s offer CHILDREN as the alternative. The opposite of being “against conception” is being FOR conception. The Church teaches that having children is the ideal, and NFP is merely a tool we can use in our marriage if necessary…”

Of course we want to steer people away from using artificial contraception, but the focus should not merely be on offering natural methods of avoiding conception, but encouraging the great good of procreation which should only be avoided for serious reasons.

Now, time for me to get out of here. Sunshine State, here I come, baby!!!

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  1. Future geneations will curse your church for its emphasis on unchecked breeding.

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