Music for Your Monday: Beatles Epicosity

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Oh, internet, you’re such a wonderful thing sometimes. This mashup/medley makes my Beatles loving heart do a hap-hap-happy dance (watch the annotations to see which parts of each song are playing at the same time):

Also love this. I never thought that my favorite song of all time could be improved on, but in this video, George Martin and Dahni Harrison discovered a sweet little guitar solo for Here Comes the Sun that didn’t make it into the final cut of the song.

4 Comments on “Music for Your Monday: Beatles Epicosity”

  1. Very cool! I’d also like to point out that Dhani Harrison & I have the same birthday, which practically makes me a Beatle. Wait, what?

  2. And Ringo Starr and I have the same birthday. We should put together “birthday Beatles” – new fab fours related only by birthday, not by talent…..

  3. I love the Beatles, but I’m glad this ‘noisy’ guitar lick didnt’ make the final cut! IMHO, it would have only been gratuitous.

  4. And my birthday is one day shy of John Lennon’s! That makes me the Fifth Beatle! Feel free to send cards and lots of money, too.

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