I Cloned My Pet Part II and “The Clone Song”

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petclone.jpgIn January, TLC ran what amounted to an hour-long infomercial for the dog cloning industry called “I Cloned My Pet”. Apparently, they did it again with “I Cloned My Pet 2” last week. I didn’t watch it, but John Woestendiek suffered through it and had a few words to say about it:

I was going to stay silent and let “I Cloned My Pet 2″ pass peacefully in the night.

But I just can’t.

Part two of the program, which aired Monday on TLC, followed two potential dog cloning customers and recounted the experiences of a Florida couple who were among the first to get their dog cloned.

All in all, it was, like the first installment, another quasi-documentary that avoided the harsh realities of dog cloning — at least when it comes to all the dogs used in the process of cloning just one.

Instead, reality show style, it reconfirmed how wacky people can get, especially when it comes to their pets, and the lengths they will go to get what they think, or at least let themselves believe, is a live version of their dead dog.

Read the rest of John’s post for more details of the show, rational arguments against pet cloning and a song that a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon (in pic above) wrote about cloning his chihuahua.

The world is getting creepier by the minute. As I said before: Science Fiction is Not So Fictional Anymore – even when it comes to cloning humans…

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