Wow! Young Woman is Adoptive Mother of 14 Ugandan Orphans!

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Alright, this is a nice contrast to the freaking weird story I posted earlier about a virgin who is the father of 14 children via sperm donation.

Katie Davis is the mother of 14 Ugandan orphans…and she’s only 23!


After high school, Katie left home to do a year long mission trip to Uganda before college. Now she lives there full time with her 14 daughters and runs Amazima Ministries to help other poor children there.

Listen to Katie talk about adoption as a “redemptive response to tragedy”:

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about single parent adoption, but it’s impossible not to be inspired by Katie’s extraordinary witness! If nothing else, at least these 14 young girls who once had no one to love and care for them, now have a woman whom they can call their mother and who, no doubt, teaches them everyday about their Father God who created their inmost being loves them eternally.

I say this is a nice contrast to my earlier post because, while adoption is making the best of less than ideal circumstances, third party reproduction intentionally puts children in a confusing (at best) situation. This story also just makes me feel a little bit better about the world after learning about such bizarreness.

Read her book: Kisses from Katie

For another inspiring adoption story a little closer to home, please read: The Clarity of Clare.

2 Comments on “Wow! Young Woman is Adoptive Mother of 14 Ugandan Orphans!”

  1. I am a single mother who has adopted (and wanting to adopt again). I know that it is not ideal, but I believe that single adoption is better than a child being with 2 parents who will be abusive or a child that will be aborted.

    I have medications that cause birth defects so I have chosen to remain single (and a virgin) instead of taking the risk of pregnancy. I am a Christian and fully believe in God’s sovereignty. I have complete support from my family, my church, and my friends.

    In my situation, I did not actually seek adoption. My son was literally placed in my arms by the birth family with less than a month to prepare. My son is going on 4 years old now and I have had him since birth. I am trusting God completely that He will bring any other children He has for me in the same way (that the birth mother will find me instead of me seeking her out).

  2. I’m definitely not totally opposed to single parent adoption as I am, say, of same-sex partnership adoption. I just haven’t really thought through the whole thing yet.

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