The Injustice of Anonymous Sperm Donation: a “Cryokid” Speaks Out

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For many people, third party reproduction is a great way to treat infertility (actually it’s more of a way of circumventing infertility than treating it, but whatever) and, for the most part, anonymous gamete donation is approved in order to maximize inventory as more people would feel more comfortable “donating” their baby making parts if they can be assured that there will be no awkward moment in the future when they’ll be contacted by some stranger asking “are you my daddy?”.

That all may be well and good for the infertile woman/couple who get the baby they’re entitled to, the “donor” who does not want to have anything to do with the life he might help create, and the deep pockets of an extremely under regulated fertility industry, but what about the children conceived through this technology?

The Catholic Church has maintained that this is a violation of every human being’s right to be conceived in an act of love and ““born of a father and mother known to him” (CCC 2376, emphasis mine). And here’s the thing: the kids agree!

A generation of adults conceived by third parties are speaking out, and they’re not happy. I’ve provided numerous examples here before, but this statement from Lindsay of Confession of a Cryokid is one of the most eloquent explanations I’ve read of what it feels like to have half of your identity deliberately withheld from you (click image to enlarge):

I am a donor-conceived adult. Only about 10% of us even know the truth of our conception, the rest will forever be living a lie to themselves and their heirs.
Our best interests and our lives are forever tied to an unregulated multi-billion dollar industry. We are threatened by the infertility industry and by society simply because we ask the question “who am I?”. We are brainwashed and lied to by those who should care about us the most. Our entire lives are comprised of lies, even our birth certificates are fraudulent documents, nowhere mentioning that our biological father is a sperm donor, let alone his name.

Clinics and doctors are legally able to destroy any and all records pertaining the the creation of us, including the identity and medical history of our biological parent. Better records are kept of livestock than of us. We are the most sought after human commodity in modern times, and we are the product of a financial transaction.

Countries and states across the globe are rectifying this century old status quo and stepping up against the infertility industry and demanding changes in anonymity, payment, and the treatment of the adults already conceived through “donated gametes”. Yet America refuses to listen and instead turns a blind eye to the grave injustices being played out on us in compensation for allowing an industry to function solely by its own self-set regulations that are tipped in their favor.

I work very hard but I will never have millions of dollars. I will never have the political power that comes with this wealth and the ability to sway politicians to my point of view. I will never have the lobbying power that is attached to the infertility industry.

All I have is my voice. I am the 99%.

h/t Mary Meets Dolly

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  1. This poor young woman is certainly “stuck” in an awful place. She seems to recognize that she very well could NOT have been born. She feel betrayed by her parents (those who raised her). Perhaps that healing power of the Church needs to say to her, “Yes, your being shouldn’t have come about that way, but we’re glad you are here. God used this “crooked line” of your coming into being to make his world a better place. Welcome! We love you!”

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