I Do Not Trust John McCain

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Some pro-lifers might be content with John McCain’s promise not to try to soften the party’s platform when it comes to abortion, but I’m not put at ease. From 1999:

This does not make me comfortable about the type of Supreme Court justices he will appoint, or who he would chose as V.P., cabinet members, etc… Just because he promises not to fight for a change in the party’s platform doesn’t mean he’ll uphold it while he’s in office.

But wait, there’s more to be wary of. An interview on 4-17-07:

In April Karl Rove wrote an opinion piece for the WSJ telling many stories about McCain as a POW and how he and his wife rescued a child (who is now their adopted teenage daughter) from a Bangladesh orphanage. While these are certainly moving stories and give us some insight into his character, they don’t validate his position on the issues or otherwise qualify him to be President of the United States.

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  1. This is chilling. Thanks for sharing this; I almost certainly will not vote for McCain now. (Not that Obama/Clinton are any better on this issue.)

    Sigh. Looks like it’s third-party for me.

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