More Thoughts on Human Cloning News

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Something caught my attention (thanks to Mary Meets Dolly) in the news about the first cloned human embryos since it ran yesterday. From the Washington Post article I linked to yesterday:

Cloning involves fusing an ordinary body cell with a female’s egg cell whose DNA has been removed. Chemical factors inside the egg reprogram the body cell’s DNA so that the newly created cell develops into an embryo that is a genetic twin of the person or animal that donated the body cell.

That is describing the process of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). But wait a second! Weren’t we sold a story here in Missouri that cloning did not happen until after the embryo was implanted into a woman’s uterus and that SCNT is simply another form of “stem cell research”? Yet every major news story that ran yesterday said that these scientists cloned human embryos. Further proof, as if we needed it, of the fraud that was Amendment 2, and is now Constitutional law in Missouri, and its betrayal of science. Whether you believe it creates a “person” or not, SCNT is cloning.

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  1. …and the Stowers crowd will tell you the same thing — when their guard is down.

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