“Pray That the Scales Fall From Our Nation’s Eyes”

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baby-copeland.jpgLast week I got an email from a friend after she saw the ultrasound of her first child (pictured here). I think what she had to say is important and she kindly allowed me to share it with you all.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it at the doctor’s office with my husband, my mom and my sister-in-law getting a 4-D ultrasound of sweet Baby Copeland. Yesterday I was excited and happy to see my little one.

But today I’m angry. I saw my baby smile. React. Cringe. Swat. Move. Wink. I saw his precious face, which will change little in the next three months. I saw a baby. A human. A 28-week old fetus (little one). I feel him in my stomach jump and kick and punch and get the hiccups. And I’m angry because it is still legal to walk into an abortion mill and have him killed.

Today I’m broken hearted for all the babies that were not conceived by parents that understand this logical truth, parents that are blind to the reality of what’s happening in the womb. I know we all fight hard to defend life, but pray with me that this Pro-life month changes hearts, lives and laws. And that one day when sweet Baby Copeland is grown, that legal abortion is a distant memory. And that he’s flabbergasted to learn that he could have been legally aborted in this country throughout all 9 months of gestation, despite these phenomenal technological advances which proved his personhood. Pray that the scales fall from our nation’s eyes.

Love and prayers,

Jill SandersCopeland
Life on the Rock

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