The Butterfly Circus on DVD!

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Last year I told you about The Butterfly Circus, a beautiful film with a beautiful message of hope and the dignity of the human person, which won first prize in the Doorpost Film Project. In the last year The Butterfly Circus has won several other film festival awards and, ironically, Joshua Weigel, writer, director and producer of The Butterfly Circus, won the first ever Clint Eastwood Filmmaker Award from Mr. Eastwood himself at the 2010 Carmel Art & Film Festival. Eastwood, you may recall, directed and starred in the 2005 Academy Award winning movie Million Dollar Baby about a female boxer becomes paralyzed and, instead of finding joy and purpose in life despite her new disability, convinces her boxing mentor (Eastwood) to help end her life – pretty much the exact opposite message of The Butterfly Circus.

I just got a message in my comments yesterday from the people behind TBC that the short film is now available to own on DVD! You can order your copy or watch it online at They’re also working on making The Butterfly Circus, which stars Eduardo Verastegui from Bella and the inspirational Nick Vujicic, into a full length movie. Can’t wait!!!

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