Man Shoots Wife, Daily News Takes Poll *Updated*

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In Southern California, an 88 year old man shot his wife, who had “dementia and crippling infirmity” that “robbed her of her ability to walk, sit up, feed herself or recognize visitors,” in the head to end her suffering. The NY Daily News is polling its readers. Sadly, I’m not surprised by these results (as of 6 am), though support has gone down considerably since Father Z linked to it:

Euthanasia poll pic

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Ok, now I’m surprised…and a little more hopeful. As time goes on support for euthanasia wanes on the NY Daily News poll:

Euthanasia poll pic

OK – One more update. I just checked in on the poll again, out of curiosity and it looks like sanity, humanity, has prevailed (as if this poll has some real significance).

Euthanasia poll pic

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  1. Just as a duck is a duck and a rose by any other name, is still a rose, murder is still murder. Euthanasia is being integrated into our society through emotional black-mail. Just as in the movies, where an anti-hero is given such an unsympathetic character, so that when he gets his brains blown out, you feel compelled to cheer, this man’s story is designed to evoke your emotions of sympathy, so much so that you feel he is not wrong in blowing his wife’s brains out.

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