Praying for All Souls

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Today we remember and pray for all the souls who have died with the hope of rising again, and that includes the victims of the culture of death. I love this post by Annie from After Abortion:

On All Souls’ Day, another priest spoke directly to mothers who have lost their babies before baptism and said, “If we are to celebrate this Holy Day, we ought to speak of and pray for them all.” He implored us, “Please, if you lost a child through stillbirth or miscarriage, or if you chose not to carry your baby to term, for whatever reason, please, give your baby a name. It is OK to do this. They all have souls, and I believe that our God is too good and merciful to keep them away from Him. Please, pray for and acknowledge your child, so that when you meet that child, hopefully, one day when you meet God, you can greet and welcome your child by name.”…

In my heart and soul, I understand that these aborted children “died in God’s grace and friendship,” and that we need to pray, attend and offer Mass for them and in hope can ask them to pray for us.

This is what I believe as well. Today we remember and pray for these little souls, along with the mothers who have died from botched abortions – for Terri Schiavo and those who have been euthanized and starved to death because of old age or disability – and all souls lost in the culture of death.

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