Every human life has value.

You know how pro-aborts love to tell pro-lifers that, if we’re soooo “pro-life”, we should offer to adopt so-called “unwanted” babies who would otherwise be aborted? Well, Bill and Rebecca Donaghy have done just that:

Clare is not their only adopted child. Their son, that super cute little boy you see in the video with them, was also adopted. I asked Bill how that adoption came about and he responded:

[O]ur son’s birth mom had already had an abortion once and was on the fence when he was conceived. Through a prolife friend at his grandmothers hair salon (!) she found a resource in the prolife center across the street from Planned Parenthood!!! Praise God!

Praise God, indeed!

Bill is a speaker for the Theology of the Body Institute. Visit his website: Mission Moment and check out Rebecca’s CD: Expecting Grace: Songs From a Mommy’s Heart

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September 2nd, 2010 at 4:35 pm
One Response to “Welcoming Clare”
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    Rebecca Says:

    How beautiful. I definitelty want to adopt at some point in my life.