Taking a “Potter” Break

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Not to be confused with a “potty break” though hopefully it will be just as brief. I have been trying to keep up with posting while reading book 7 of the Harry Potter series, but I think it will be better and easier if I just finish the silly book first – especially since I am having to stay on track with my sister who frequently calls with questions (I re-read book 6 recently, which she hasn’t looked at in almost 2 years). I am almost halfway through the book so it shouldn’t take long.

2 Comments on “Taking a “Potter” Break”

  1. Chelsea,

    Are you reading the Harry Potter series because you support it – or because you want to be able to better defend the position that it is not very pro-life (witchcraft, etc.)?

    Just curious – thanks!

  2. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read all 7 books (almost), some of them twice. I love the characters and the story-line. I’m not sure how it will ultimately end, but I am excited to find out since the underlying theme through the whole series, the source of Harry’s protection, is the oldest and greatest “magic” of all – self sacrificing love.

    When I am finished with the book I am thinking of doing a post on another blog that I contribute to, http://www.pathtoholiness.com about the series. The Curt Jester offers a great review of a book that has a balanced Christian view of HP, Nancy Carpentier Brown’s The Mystery of Harry Potter.

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