A Wonderful Example for the Sick and Suffering

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On September 25, Ven. Chiara Luce Badano will be beatified (via Rome Reports):

What a beautiful example of hope and joy in the midst of terrible sickness and suffering – something I think (I hope) our suicide friendly world could greatly benefit from. Find out more about this extraordinary young woman who offered all her suffering to Jesus saying: “I want to share as much as possible the pain of Jesus on the cross.” *sigh* There is so much wasted suffering in the world today.

Bonus quote:

“If I had to choose between walking or going to heaven, I would choose going to heaven.”


4 Comments on “A Wonderful Example for the Sick and Suffering”

  1. That’s a great and inspiring story. I wish more people knew about this girl. Chiara Luce Badano… Luce means light, doesn’t it? “the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness grasps it not.”

  2. Today I have heard for the first time about so beautiful example of total dedication of so young girl to Jesus Christ.I am impressed with her love to Jesus. I am a missionary in Africa. I am dreaming of building even a small chapel dedicated to Chiara Luce after her beatification and of organizing a prayergroup for the youth under her protection that she may intercede for our youg people in Africa. She will shine upon them with her brigh light of pure love. I will pray for this intention daily. Please, join me in the prayer. fr.Raymond OFM CONV.

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