Holy Innocents, Past and Present

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Today, December 28, the Church remembers the “Holy Innocents” who lost their lives in Bethlehem. Then it was all boys age two and under who were put to death at the hands of King Herod and his soldiers because of Herod’s fear of the prophecy of the Messiah. Now over 4,000 innocent children lose their lives every day in this country because of abortion under the full protection of the law. As we remember the Holy innocents of the past, perhaps we should also request their intercession, and appeal to God’s mercy, on behalf of the millions of innocents being slaughtered today around the world.

From Universalis today:

There is nothing to be said about the Holy Innocents. They were no-one because they never had the chance to become anyone: they just died.
They may stand for the unimportant and unnecessary pawns that permeate the whole of human history, the ones who can be sacrificed for some greater cause because they don’t really matter; the eggs that were broken to make an omelet… or to make nothing at all.
In celebrating their martyrdom we effectively celebrate also the martyrdom of the people these children could have become, and their children’s children also; and we remember the contemporary and continuing massacre of those who die before birth for the convenience of those who have them killed.

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