Bobby Schindler Endorses Brownback

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ALEXANDRIA , Va. – U.S. Senator Sam Brownback received an endorsement today from Bobby Schindler, the brother of the late Terri Schiavo. Schiavo died nearly two years ago from starvation and dehydration after a court mandated the removal of her feeding tube, sparking a nationwide bipartisan effort to save her life.

“My family will never forget Sam Brownback’s valiant efforts to save my sister’s life,” said Schindler. “Sam Brownback is the pro-life conservative we can trust to stand for all life, regardless of political calculations.”

Brownback for President

3 Comments on “Bobby Schindler Endorses Brownback”

  1. Hopefully this brings the pro-life issue to the forefront. This can only help Sam Brownback and the other conservatives.

    Anything that exposes the the GOP frontrunners as RINOs is good for the true conservatives in the race.

    Greetings, fellow Brownbackers!

  2. My sentiments exactly. For some reason leading conservatives in the media refuse to look outside the “top 3 front runners.” I am hoping that the pro-life majority comes out strong in this election and refuses to compromise!

  3. Chelsea, you rock. G-d loves you!

    Don’t wait for the majority. You know what to do. It’s hard not to get discouraged and to settle for Rudy or Romney or, Heaven forbid, John McCain. But if you ignore the noise, it’s easy to see that, so far, Sam Brownback is the best of the bunch.

    I don’t care where the MSM says he is, that he’s a long shot or whatever. Same goes for any other real conservative. Follow your heart and support the best, not the most “electable.”

    Rant over.

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