Alphonse is “Playing Up the Horrifying Nature of Abortion”

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AlphonseGlad to see this comic – and its message – getting some media coverage. From the Washington Times this Wednesday:

Author Matthew Lickona, whose first work was titled “Swimming With Scapulars: True Confessions of a Young Catholic,” is playing up the horrifying nature of abortion in a new comic book series in hopes of provoking dialogue about the procedure.

The protagonist in “Alphonse: Untimely Ripp’d” is an aborted fetus who survives the procedure and then sets out to extract revenge against his mother.

Mr. Lickona acknowledges, “It’s something of an outlandish premise,” but he sees the unborn child as comparable to the murderous Misfit in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.”

The pictures in the mostly black-and-white comic are not for the faint of heart. Alphonse resembles a stark drawing of a Chuckie doll, with vacant eyes. The opening scenes take place in an abortion clinic, where the aborted fetus says, “Surprise, doctor,” before escaping.

Mr. Lickona describes “Alphonse” as “drama tinged with fantasy and the grotesque” and says the reaction from the pro-life community has been supportive although hesitant.

“People who are pro-life are pleased to see a fetus presented as a person — and more than that, a character. But it’s not like he’s lovable or innocent — the ordeal of crisis pregnancy has taken a toll on him, and he is both wounded and enraged,” Mr. Lickona said. “That has thrown some people off.”

Order issue one. Issue two is now in production.

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