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Dear readers, I hope you will join me in saying some prayers for my dad tonight and tomorrow. He’s been battling pneumonia for the last two and a half weeks and tomorrow (7/23/09) morning – 7:30 central – he will undergo surgery to drain a large amount of fluid from in and around the infected lung.

Thanks for all the prayers! Dad went into surgery at 7:30 this morning. As of 10:30: I talked to mom who said he was still in surgery. Nurse said he is doing fine, but they had to open up his chest – they were just sucking out all the gunk through a tube inserted into a small incision in the side of his chest. Not sure what that was for, but as long as he’s still doing ok that’s all we can ask, really… As for me, I’m getting ready to head over to noon Mass @ the hospital, and then join my mom in the waiting room. Hopefully I will know more then. Thanks again for all your prayers!

11:30 am: dad is out of surgery! Apparently the infection was very bad and he went into surgery in just the nick of time – praise God! I should be able to see him after Mass!

July 22nd, 2009 at 10:09 pm
4 Responses to “Please Pray for My Dad – **Updated”
  1. 1
    Jake Says:

    I wish your dad well.

  2. 2
    Bob Says:

    Prayers said.

  3. 3
    Paladin Says:

    Oh, mercy!

    I’ll definitely keep him (and you all) in my prayers, especially for the intention of his healing (and that God will bring tremendous good out of this suffering for you all)!

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    Jolene Larson Says:

    Please know that your dad is in our prayers. May Our Lord watch over him and Our Lady wrap her mantle around him. Thanks for the update.
    Dave and Jolene Larson (Dave is working with your dad on some Ag projects)