Testimonies, Letters and Speeches, Oh My!

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As I am working on my testimony for a possible Senate hearing about the joint resolution to ban cloning here in MO, I thought I would post my previous letters and testimonies on this subject, in case you’re interested. I will also put them on an information page to your right.

SB 160 a ban on human cloning in Missouri:
MO Senate Testimony
Letter to Senators
First letter to Gov. Blunt
Second letter to Gov. Blunt
I also had a meeting with Gov. Blunt that went absolutely nowhere.

HB 2355 to ban human cloning in Kansas:
KS House Testimony

Amendment 2:
Letter to the editor
Article for my Catholic newspaper
Speech at an anti-cloning prayer rally

I hope to have more as the joint resolution to ban cloning moves its way through the Missouri legislature. Please keep us in your prayers. If you are in MO, start contacting your legislators voicing your support for this resolution.

The resolution is filed under SJR 20 and HJR11.

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