New Notre Dame Fight Song

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Real Catholic TV has re-written the lyrics to the Notre Dame fight song in light of the University’s invitation to President Obama to give this year’s commencement address:

Alternative lyrics from Creative Minority Report:

Jeer Jeer for old Notre Shame
Bury your past, you’re just Catholic by name
No more prayers to God on high
Praise to Obama and his pro-choice lies.

To hell with babies great or small
Old Notre Shame turns their backs on them all
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to perfidy!

Here, Michael Voris (a Notre Dame alum) gives an excellent assessment on what a scandal it is for Notre Dame to give honors to such a rabidly pro-abortion/ESCR speaker – President or not:

This is also an awesome video.

Pray for Our Lady’s university. Her problems did not start here, but they will surely get worse if this scandal is followed through with.

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  1. I believe that God has placed Obama at the right time and at the right place in Norte Dame on May 17. Now it is up to us to do the correct thing with LOVE. God wants us as a people who support Life to engage in those who do not believe in a loving way not in a mean, demeaning way. If you can not show love towards those you are attempting to show them the light, then you may be committing the sin of vainglory. I would recommend for everyone who can be there on May 17 that one million people show up with signs from the Airport to Norte Dame University. Show up with signs like “OBAMA we love you and the UNBORN.” Or “Should’ve that baby from the RAPE have the right to be President? Where is the LOVE?” or “GOD wants you to support born and unborn American?” Or “Mr. President joins us in the Abortion Bailout?” or “ABORTION, another moral and greedy weakness? Stealing Money Stealing a LIFE”

    Ideas by Louis Benavides

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