The New Year Has Begun

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So it is time to look back on the year that has come to an end. Wesley Smith wrote a piece for the Center for Bioethics and Culture last month highlighting the ups and downs in bioethics last year. He also did a radio interview on the same subject. Jennifer Lahl also has a similar look back on her blog, which I pointed out earlier. The year had some pretty significant highs – the President’s veto, the establishment of numerous cord blood banks and the amazing results from adult stem cell research and therapy. But we can’t forget the low points – Missouri’s passage of amendment 2 and politicians in states like California and New Jersey using millions of tax payer dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research.

We’re fighting hard, but the battle has only begun, especially now that this research has worked its way into our political system. In Missouri we will be working to get a real cloning ban on the ballot in ’08, Floridians are gathering signatures for duelling ballot proposals that involve the funding of ESC research and Democrats in congress have vowed to challenge the presidential veto by passing another bill expanding federal funds for ESC research. Those are only a few examples of what we will be up against this year so it’s important to remain armed and ready to fight. Unfortunately there is no off season in the fight for life.

Arm yourself:
Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics
Center for Bioetchics and Culture
National Catholic Bioethics Center
Wesley Smith

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