More GMO Inconsistency

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My BioTalk partner-in-crime, Rebecca Taylor, has a new article at the National Catholic Register on the disconnect that many in our society seem to have when it comes to GMOs:

So we live in a society where people are wary of eating meat or drinking milk from a cloned cow but support cloning human embryos (using the very same technique) with the hope of producing stem cells for treatments. We as a society are suspicious about genetically modified food but are indifferent to genetically modified children.

What a colossal disconnect! The logic seems to be: GM plants and animals: bad; GM humans: good.

How did this disconnect materialize? Is this yet another manifestation of “reproductive rights” and the abortion culture? Is this the fruit of the modern confusion surrounding our own reproduction? Dogs gestate baby dogs. Horses gestate baby horses. But, as society likes to say, humans gestate “blobs of tissue.” That is, except when the blob of tissue is desperately wanted — then we can go to dangerous experimental lengths to make more.

Read the whole thing. Consider this a sneak preview of the next episode of BioTalk, which we recorded yesterday.

GMO Inconsistency

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