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Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, director of the Institute for Marital Healing, comments on our confusion about the nature of love and addresses Pope John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility, the precursor to his theology of the body: Love and Responsibility from Anteroom Pictures on Vimeo. TOB Tuesdays

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Life just keeps getting better for convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian. Not only was he recently portrayed by none other than screen legend Al Pacino in an HBO biopec, but Sunday night he got to attend and received special recognition at this year’s Primetime Emmy awards. “You Don’t Know Jack” was nominated for a total of […]

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In the wake of Monday’s court ruling against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research I’ve been reading story after story about researchers across the country complaining about how this decision negatively impacts the progression of ESCR. From these stories you would think that the judge actually banned ESCR completely. Apparently, the entire future of […]

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Today we celebrate the feast of the mother of one of the Church’s most celebrated saints. St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine (whose feast day is tomorrow), prayed unceasingly for the conversion of her famous son, and, as we all know, was happily obliged by Our Lord. Not only that, but her husband, Patricius, a […]

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Sorry for the short notice – but I will be live online with Jerry Weber, host of The Catholic Revolver, at 5 pm CST today (8/25/10). Listen live here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/catholicrevolver. All of Jerry’s shows are recorded and later available in a podcast format on his website, so be sure to check that out if you […]

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Brian Killian has an excellent article up at Catholic Exchange taking a look at the romanticized Hollywood “love” scenes and how we typically view the act of sexual intercourse today: Remember the older Hollywood love scenes? A man and woman are wrapped in each other’s arms in front of gently billowing curtains and moonlight as […]

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This is encouraging news: A federal judge temporarily blocked the Obama administration Monday from using federal dollars to fund expanded human embryonic stem cell research, saying the research involves the destruction of embryos. The ruling comes after the National Institutes of Health last year issued new guidelines permitting federal funding for research on certain stem […]

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I just started reading Brian J. Gail’s novel Fatherless about men in the “post-Pill generation.” I’m only a chapter in, but I was just struck by a paragraph at the very end of Ch. 1 that reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to re-post since I talked about it when I was on Life […]

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Dearest readers, I don’t know how many “regulars” I have out there in the inter-webs, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that blogging might be a little sparse during the next few…weeks…maybe? First of all, I need to dedicate a good amount of time to doing a project for my parents’ […]

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Ultrasounds are an essential tool for helping women in crisis pregnancies choose life for their unborn children and the higher the quality the better in order to offer a clearer window into the womb. The problem is that, many pregnancy resource centers barely have enough money to keep their doors open, let alone afford high-tech […]

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