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It’s March. It’s Madness. And my Gators have just danced their way into the elite eight for the fourth year in a row! I’ve always admired and respected Florida’s head coach, Billy Donovan for the way he transformed the school’s basketball program into one of the country’s most dominating powerhouses. But I recently came across […]

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Fr. Frank Pavone recently wrote a lovely column about the need for compassion when helping someone who has experienced a miscarriage: Miscarriage is a tragedy that so many people misunderstand. They are not quite sure how to console a friend or relative who has suffered this loss. While there are no magic formulas, there is […]

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New scientist recently did a story on whether or not women should put off “trying” again after a miscarriage: HOW long should a woman who has had a miscarriage wait before trying to conceive again? The World Health Organization suggests six months, but it seems women might be better off trying again as soon as […]

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