“Thank You For Not Having An Abortion”

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Adoption is definitely not an easy or painless decision for any woman to make – but compared to abortion, it’s a life-saver! The St. Louis Post has a touching story about a University of Missouri student who found and contacted his birth mother 20 years after she gave him up for adoption: “Who are you?” she asked. “I think you … Read More

A Rose for Christi

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According to the latest figures more than 90% of babies pre-natally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted – never allowed to see the light of day – in the UK. I’d be willing to bet that the numbers here in the US are not far below that. Keep that in mind when you watch the sweet story of Christi Hockel … Read More

At the Risk of Repeating Myself

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With the Republican nomination still up for grabs, I can’t let this go. I found this at another conservative blogger‘s website: As the perceived threat of terrorism recedes, the question of social values has come to the fore in Rudy’s campaign. Rudy tackled those issues head on in his speech to the Value’s Voters Summit in October, and I won’t … Read More

Giuliani and Adoption

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When asked about abortion in yesterday’s Presidential debate Rudy Giuliani referred to, as he frequently does, the need to emphasize adoption as an abortion alternative. This is something that pro-lifers have always supported, but many of Rudy’s adoption claims leave questions that need to be answered. First is his claim that adoption number rose during his time as mayor of … Read More

Brownback on Adoption

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One of the interesting things about Brownback’s You Tube page is that people can submit video questions, which the Senator will answer. Here is a question on international adoption followed by Sen. Brownback’s response (Brownback and his wife have themselves adopted two children internationally, a girl from China and a boy from Guatemala):