Audio: What Addicts Really Need

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Yesterday I was on Catholic radio in Lexington, KY. Mike and I spent most of the time talking about the Communita Cenocolo, a Catholic ministry that addresses the deepest needs of addicts–the need for community, squeezing in a little bit about America’s eugenic history at the end. Click the play button below to listen! For even more information about the Community here in … Read More

The Gift of Life

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I’ve posted this before, but it was in the Magnificat again today, appropriate for the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children: Our life is not an invention. It is a gift from God. He had the courage to trust in us so much that he placed the gift of life, the gift of existence, into our … Read More

A Path to Freedom and Peace for Young People With Addiction

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Last week I shared with readers of Ignitum Today the wonderful work Comunita Cenacolo does for people who struggle with addictions of all kinds. A lot of the article comes from my many previous writings about Cenacolo here. This time, though, I also included some comments from a friend of mine who graciously shared with me her experience with the … Read More

Drug Addicts Don’t Need Sterilization or Abortion

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Over a year ago I wrote an article about why drug addicts should not be encouraged to allow themselves to be permanently sterilized. Sharing her personal story of being pregnant while addicted to crystal meth, Calah Alexander is an example of why sterilizing drug addicts is the wrong approach: Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, being a newly-pregnant drug … Read More

Faith is Proven in Suffering

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Well said, Mother Elvira! Faith is not something magical: “I believe, so God has to give me the miracle I’m praying for,” or “I pray. Why hasn’t God given me what I asked for?” Let’s look as an example at Mary ’s faith, a solid, sure, strong faith. We can’t even imagine how much she suffered! I wonder what her … Read More

There is Hope for Each

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‎“There is hope for each… Every man is made in the image and likeness of God.” -Ven. Fulton Sheen When I came across these words yesterday, they reminded me of a community I have written about here a number of times that helps people, mostly drug addicts, get their lives back on track. The Cenacolo website offers a lot of … Read More

A Wonderful Cause for Your Almsgiving This Lent!

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Early last month I told you about a woman who is running a half-marathon in thanksgiving to the Cenacolo Community for helping her brother break free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. She writes: Through his late teens and early twenties, he battled a horrible addiction and has recently celebrated his two year mark of being clean from all drugs … Read More

A Thanksgiving Marathon – Please Help!

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I have written a few times here about the wonderful work that the Comunita Cenacolo is doing to not just get people off drugs, but helping them find true peace and freedom that comes only from a life in Christ. It’s such a great organization doing amazing things for people lost in the darkness of addiction. On Facebook recently I … Read More

Discover the Flavor of Life

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I finally got around to watching The Human Experience, which I’ve had at home from Netflix for about two months now! Very well done, wonderful movie about finding meaning in life and having a reason for living. I’ll have more thoughts on it in the coming week, but for now, it made me think of this meditation I came across … Read More

Sterilizing Addicts Doesn’t Fix the Real Problem

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Not too long ago I came across a news piece on the mission of Barbara Harris, a woman who started a group called Project Prevention which offers $300 cash to drug addicts if they agree to get on “long term” birth control. According to their most recent statistics, they have paid 3,848 addicts, with tubal ligation as the number one … Read More